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Flexisign Pro 7 6 V2 Full Version

Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version: The Ultimate Guide for Sign Design and Print

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile software for sign design and print, you might want to consider Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version. Flexisign pro is a product of SAi, a leading provider of software solutions for the sign and print industry. Flexisign pro offers a complete solution for designing, printing, cutting and print and cut applications. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version, and how it can help you create stunning signs and graphics.

What is Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version?

Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version is the latest release of Flexisign pro, a software that combines design, RIP, vinyl cut and print and cut functions in one package. Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version is compatible with Windows 10+ operating system, and can drive up to 5 printers and cutters simultaneously. Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version also includes all the full Flexi features, such as spot color mapping, true-shape nesting, banner finishing, find my font tool, artwork approval tool, and more.

Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version

What are the benefits of Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version?

Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version offers many benefits for sign and print professionals, such as:

  • Easy-to-use interface: Flexisign pro has a user-friendly interface that allows you to create and edit vector graphics easily. You can also add a variety of cut lines with just a few clicks, and preview your design before printing or cutting.

  • Fast and powerful RIP engine: Flexisign pro has a 64 bit RIP engine that delivers fast and high-quality output. You can also optimize your print settings with advanced features such as color management, ICC profiles, tiling, nesting, etc.

  • Versatile vinyl cutting: Flexisign pro supports a wide range of vinyl cutters from different brands and models. You can also use the contour cutting feature to cut around printed graphics with precision and accuracy.

  • Print and cut workflow: Flexisign pro enables you to print and cut in one seamless workflow. You can use the print and cut marks feature to align your printed graphics with your cutter, and use the barcode feature to automate the process.

  • Creative tools: Flexisign pro offers a variety of creative tools to enhance your design, such as text effects, gradients, drop shadows, transparency, etc. You can also use the find my font tool to detect the best matched fonts in images within seconds.

  • Artwork approval tool: Flexisign pro allows you to send your design to your customers for instant approval. You can also track the status of your artwork approval requests, and receive feedback from your customers via email.

How to get Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version?

The best way to get Flexisign pro 7 6 v2 full version is to subscribe to SAi's Flexi subscription plan. With a Flexi subscription plan, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Full access to all Flexi software features: You can access all the features of Flexi software without any limitations or restrictions.

  • Affordable monthly operating cost: You can pay a low monthly fee instead of a high upfront cost. You can also choose between annual or month-to-month plans according to your budget and needs.

  • Free support and access to updates: You can get free phone and email support from SAi's experts, and receive ongoing automatic updates to keep your software always on the latest version.